Animals you may see

Southern Right Whale Video:


Cape Conran Coastal Park is blessed with a wide range of Australian native wildlife. Goannas (large lizards), possums, wallabys, kangaroos, echidnas, potoroos, antichinus, snakes, frogs, and many more. Carla and Josh provide interpretive slide nights and park walks to introduce visitors to the local wildlife wonders and issues involved with their conservation


Long Nosed Potoroo

BFD8 is the name of one of our thriving colony of Potoroos. Although endangered there is a very active program to ensure their monitoring and survival.

brushtail possum

Brushtail Possum

A regular nocturnal visitor to campsites and cabins is the brushtail possum. These inquisive little fellows are happy to come and make your aquaintance.


redneck wallaby

Redneck Wallaby

Right at your door nature comes to visit. This wallaby and her joey are regular visitors around the park.




Don't sit on me! Especially around spring time the echidna is a regular sight. Wabbling along the side of the road or anywhere throughout the park.

The anitchinus is a small marsupial. Being nocturnal they are rarely seen but are in abundant quantities in the park

Ellie on BeachSeals, and occasionally whales (further out at sea) can be seen from the shore of the park.





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Recharge Program

Recharge Program

W i l d e r n e s s and You

The Recharge program incorporates Ecotherapy principals with Environmental Education to bring the community a set of thereapy programs, offering practical help to sufferers of or at risk of developing anxiety, social isolation, depression and mental illness, through real interactions with nature.

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